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Wax Removal

*This is not a booking, House of Hearing will need to contact you to confirm a booking time. House of hearing cannot perform wax removal on children under 8 years of age.

Ear wax can build up in the ear canal, this can lead to a reduction in hearing or the feeling that sounds are dull or not as sharp as usual. House of Hearing has a team of Registered Nurses who use specialised equipment that removes wax by a process called microsuction. By using very fine and delicate instruments, including a miniature vacuum cleaner, our nurses can safely and effectively remove your ear wax and help you hear again.

The problem with ear buds

Ear wax build-up and blockage often happens when you use items like cotton buds or bobby pins to try to clean your ears. This only pushes ear wax further into your ear and can cause temporary hearing loss or injury to your ear. Other procedures such as ear syringing has higher risks of ear drum trauma and ear infections.

*Hobson JC, Lavy JA. Use and abuse of cotton buds. J R SocMed 2005; 98(8): 360–361.

Before and after wax removal by microsuction.

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