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The facts about hearing loss and hearing aids

Only 41% of people with a hearing loss have have treated their loss by getting hearing aids.*
85% of hearing aid wearers state that their hearing aids are useful on their job.*
64% of hearing aid wearers think they should have gotten hearing aids sooner.*

Our discreet hearing aid range features German designed hearing aid technology that can enhance sound quality and improve hearing

The ultimate in discretion –  Hearing aids that are so small they are practically invisible in the ear.
Crystal clear natural sound – These Hearing aids focus on what’s important, such as your conversation partner, while filtering unwanted background noise.
Easy to use – Personalise the settings on the hearing aids using our app or, if you pefer a remote control.



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Full Terms and Conditions

* Research data is from Booking time will need to be confirmed via call with House of Hearing team member. Offer of a free hearing test, free Hearing Aid trial, and $2,000 upgrade is valid for selected hearing aid purchases. The applies to any customer who purchases a new pair of selected hearing aids from house of Hearing. This offer is available from the 1st July to 30th July 2019 for selected purchases and excludes hearing aids from our basic range. Limited to one offer per pair of hearing aids and not valid with any other discounts.

To be eligible for the House of Hearing $3,500 Total Care Package, hearing aids must be purchased from House of Hearing. This Care Package applies for the lifetime of your hearing aids, which cannot exceed 6 years.  After this period, normal repair and appointment charges apply.

Most hearing aid repairs are covered under warranty for the first 2 years after purchase.  After the warranty expires, a charge may apply for any repairs done to the hearing aids.  The House of Hearing Total Care Package offers follow up hearing care to a maximum of $3,500. We will contact you to offer free annual follow up appointments, however, should you decide not to take advantage of these, no accrual or refunds are permitted.  The $3,500 value of the Total Care Package is an estimate and dependent on the number of hearing checks and follow up appointments you attend.