Risks of Ignoring Hearing Loss

Are you worried that you might be suffering from Hearing Loss? You need to be aware that there are increased risks of other issues occurring more frequently to hearing loss sufferers.  Some of these can include serious issues like an increased risk of Dementia, Heart Disease and more.

Hearing loss and links to Dementia

Multiple studies indicate hearing loss can be linked to the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Leaving hearing loss untreated could pose a serious risk that is not widely know amongst the general population.

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Hearing loss and increased risk of falling

Falling becomes a risk as you get older, this can be caused by a lack of physical activity or other issues. One of these issues that is known to increase risk of falls is untreated hearing loss, which has been linked in multiple studies to a significant increase in risk of falls.

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Hearing loss and links to cancer

In recent years medical research has shown the risk of hearing loss and related conditions (e.g. tinnitus) is reported in numerous post-cancer treatment patients. These studies have revealed a strong link between hearing loss and cancer treatments, especially among certain chemotherapy medications. It is important for you to understand the risks of chemotherapy when treating cancer, and its long-term implications, which may include permanent hearing loss.

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Hearing loss and links to Diabetes

Researchers have discovered a higher rate of hearing loss in people with diabetes. Using tests that measure participants’ ability to hear at the low, mid, and high-frequencies in both ears, the results indicated a link between diabetes and hearing loss at all frequencies, with a somewhat stronger association in the high-frequency range. Mild or worse hearing of low- or mid-frequency sounds was about 21 percent in 399 adults with diabetes compared to about nine percent in 4,741 adults without. Mild or greater hearing impairment at high frequencies was 54 percent in those with diabetes compared to 32 percent in those without.

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Hearing loss and heart health

Poor cardiovascular health causes inadequate blood ow and blood vessel trauma to the inner ear. The inner ear is so sensitive to blood ow that disorders such as hearing loss, particularly at the lower frequencies, may be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease.

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