Hearing Health

About hearing health

Most people with healthy hearing don’t even think twice about what it means to have good hearing. Chatting with friends, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying music or hearing warning signals – they take it all for granted.

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Your hearing

We are often unaware of how well or poorly we hear on an everyday basis. If you want to know how good your hearing is, simply take this self-assessment.

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Risks of Ignoring Hearing Loss

Physicians may be routinely asking patients whether they have had their hearing checked. Beyond referring patients for hearing tests and encouraging treatment of hearing loss, it is important to inform them of the risks if they ignore hearing loss – dangers that include certain life-threatening co-morbidities.

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The Ear

In order to better understand hearing health it is important to first understand how the ear works and processes sound.

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At some stage in our lives, all of us are likely to experience ringing in our ears when there is no apparent source of a sound. It may be evident coming home from a rock concert, or for a short period as a result of a sudden extreme noise, such as a gun discharging nearby.

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Wax Removal

We use specialised equipment that removes wax by a process called microsuction. Very fine and delicate instruments, including a miniature vacuum cleaner, safely and effectively remove your ear wax and help you hear again.

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