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At House of Hearing we are passionate about hearing.  We are here to fully support you along every step of your journey to regain your hearing and live life to the fullest.

We are a local family orientated audiology clinic and we have supported the Canterbury, Christchurch, Marlborough and West Coast communities for over 10 years. Our team of friendly, local audiologists are committed to helping you optimise your hearing health and reconnect with family friends and life. We specialise in hearing aids, assistive learning devices, tinnitus management, counselling and ear wax removal.

We understand that you’re unique and that there is no “one size fits all solution to hearing loss” therefore we will work with you to understand your needs and provide you with the best solution, chosen from a wide range of available options.  These include the latest hearing aid technology (including the latest nearly invisible hearing technology) backed by personalised service and support. In addition, with our free-of-charge, comprehensive Total-Care-package* that includes follow-up appointments, wax removal and hearing aid servicing, you will have peace of mind that your hearing health will be fully supported.

 We are here to help you.  If you have any questions, or want to arrange a hearing test or hearing aid trial, contact your local clinic for a no obligation confidential discussion about your hearing today.  We currently have eight locations across Christchurch, Canterbury, the West Coast and Marlborough.

Our Staff

Clara Kwaramba

Hello, My name is Clara Kwaramba. I’m originally from Zimbabwe, but after 16 years in New Zealand, I feel very much a Kiwi! I studied Audiology in Australia, and have been working as an Audiologist in New Zealand since 2002. I love my clinical work, because I see it change people’s lives, when we work with them to improve their hearing. I joined House of Hearing recently, as Clinical Director, and I am loving being a part of such a vibrant and talented team. Singing and reading are my chief pastimes, when I am not at work…that and ….knitting!

Marianne Casalme

Hi! My name is Marianne. I recently moved to Nelson to join the House of Hearing family. I have lived and worked in various places in the North Island. I liked Nelson the first time I visited. I think it’s a beautiful place because and it has a lot to offer and a good work-life balance. I moved to New Zealand in 2010 and prior to this I worked in Australia for a year. I was born and brought up in the Philippines in a bustling metropolitan area. I have been working as an audiologist since 2007 and I enjoy what I do because of the people I meet. It’s nice knowing other people’s stories and most of all, I feel happy that I am in an industry that help improve people’s lives.

Kate O’Connor

Hi, I’m Kate and have been working as an audiologist in Australia the last 8 years with adults and children. I started working for House of Hearing at the end of last year. I enjoy working with people with hearing loss and their families and seeing the benefits hearing technology and rehabilitation has on people’s lives. My mother has a severe hearing loss which is why I initially became interested in audiology. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and cycling. I look forward to helping people struggling with hearing loss in their journey to better hearing.

Jenny She

Hi my name is Jenny She. After graduating from the University of Canterbury in 2008, I moved to Australia where I worked as an audiologist for 9 years. I returned to Christchurch last year, to join the fantastic team at House of Hearing. Growing up with a hearing loss myself, I understand the impact hearing loss can have on daily life. I enjoy seeing the benefits people gain from modern-day hearing devices – it is amazing how these small devices can have so many capabilities, and they can be very discreet and fashionable too! The improvements in speech clarity, sound quality, noise suppression and the physical comfort of today’s hearing devices, makes them so much more wearable than their predecessors. At House of Hearing, our knowledge and technical expertise, together with our ongoing support, will help guide you in your journey to better hearing.

Katie Comer

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m based at our Halswell House of Hearing branch. Originally from Ireland; I studied in the U.K and worked for the National Health Service in Scotland before moving to New Zealand in early 2018. Since moving here I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people of Canterbury. The best part of my job is seeing the real life benefit our service brings to people in this community. Outside of work my hobbies include middle distance running and photography and I’ll be off around the South Island doing either in my free time.

Marius Serban

Hi, I’m Marius Serban. Originally from Romania, I moved to New Zealand about ten years ago and I am a proud Kiwi now. In Romania I qualified and worked as a doctor and in New Zealand I have been involved in aged care, before making the move to audiology. I joined the Greymouth House of Hearing team in early 2018 and enjoy working in this close community, as well as servicing clinics in other West Coast centres. My wife and I are passionate about nature – you’ll find us walking in the bush or on a beach most weekends.

Ingrid Wellacott

Hi, I’m Ingrid Wellacott and I work at our Fendalton clinic. I have been with House of Hearing since 2014 and I enjoy seeing the difference that better hearing can make to people’s lives. Outside the office I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two sons.

Isaac Smart

Hi, my name is Isaac Smart and I am based at the House of Hearing Halswell clinic. I studied both Bachelors of Science and Masters of Audiology at the University of Canterbury, and thoroughly enjoy working with people in my community. Outside of work, I enjoy photography and exploring the outdoors of New Zealand.

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