Hearing Aids

This time last century, the only assistance someone with hearing loss could use was an ear trumpet. While ear trumpets increased the volume of sound, most people would still have major issues with clarity.

Now 100 years on, there have been many advances in hearing aid devices. Hearing loss can now be managed to ensure that it need not greatly affect the lives of most people with the condition.

Better Hearing in Every Situation

Modern hearing instruments are not just small and inconspicuous, they are also extremely powerful and versatile. They can do much more than simply make sounds louder. Intelligent technologies based on microprocessors help to compensate for various forms of hearing problems.

Individual Solutions

There is no “one size fits all” answer to hearing loss. Each solution is as unique as the individual impacted. When choosing a hearing instrument, many factors have to be taken into account, particularly the degree of hearing impairment and the individual ear anatomy. To help you decide on the right hearing instrument, we have put together ten questions that you should ask yourself.

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