Our government recognises the impact that hearing loss has on the lives of people, and subsequent effects on the economy. Therefore, New Zealanders have access to a number of schemes to assist with the cost of hearing aids.


Children up to the age of 16 and young adults (up to the age of 21 years who remain in full time education) are eligible to receive free hearing services and hearing aids through the Ministry of Health Accessable NZ Scheme, which commenced in 2011. Funding is available for new and replacement hearing aids, along with repairs and supply of batteries.

Accessable also partially funds hearing aids for adults aged 16 years or over with complex needs (for example hearing aid users since childhood, people with dual or multiple disabilities, sudden and severe hearing loss) and those adults with a community services card and who meet certain criteria (for example people studying, working or primary caregivers).

Visit the accessable website for more information.

Accident Compensation Corporation

ACC provides funding for people who have suffered hearing loss as a result of noise in the workplace, whether that damage was caused by prolonged exposure to a noisy environment, a sudden accident, or sudden extreme loud noise.

To initiate a claim for funding, arrange an assessment at House of Hearing and we will prepare a report to be taken to your general practitioner who will assist with your claim.

Visit the ACC website for more information.

Veterans’ Affairs

Individuals who are found to have a hearing impairment as a result of their military service may be eligible for funding of hearing aids. Veterans’ Affairs provides hearing aids to veterans with accepted service-related hearing loss. If you are eligible and have indicated to your Case Manager that you wish to trial hearing aids, Veterans’ Affairs may contact a nominated audiologist outlining the hearing aid approval process.

No application form is required for hearing aid assistance, however approval must be obtained from Veterans’ Affairs before a hearing aid trial proceeds. Call your Veterans’ Affairs Case Manager to discuss your needs and situation on freephone 0800 483 8372 or (64) 4 495 2070

Visit the Veterans’ Affairs website for more information.

Other Support

Work and Income provides financial assistance for hearing aids to those who are eligible. Your House of Hearing audiologist can provide you with more information.

The New Zealand Audiological Society and the Wellington Hearing Association also jointly administer a hearing aid bank for those people who are unable to affording hearing aids and are ineligible for other funding.