Act Quickly

People often wait many years (seven on average) from the time they first notice their hearing is not what it used to be before they take the steps to address it. Now, research has revealed compelling reasons for addressing hearing impairment earlier.

Why Do We Wait?

The thought of wearing a hearing aid can cause many people to feel a little anxious – they worry (largely unnecessarily) about not wanting to be perceived as old or a possible stigma that may be associated with having a ‘disability’. Self image and pride are great inhibitors to people addressing hearing loss – more so than the perceptions others truly have about us.

All around the country there are Kiwi’s sucking in their tummies, poking out their chests and thinking to themselves, “I’m doing alright for my age” and, “not bad, you look as good as you did 10 years ago”. Unfortunately, hearing loss does not discriminate based on how young and good looking someone appears to themselves.

Time and time again our clients tell stories about how they wish they had done something sooner. They feel younger and more confident as a result of wearing hearing aids.

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Dont Wait!

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